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Manufacturing cardboard corners in Egypt since 1982

Camel Corners

El-Gamal Factory for the manufacture of cardboard corners

Manufacturing cardboard corners in Egypt since 1982

We have vast experience in this field, the company supplying cardboard corners in various width and thicknesses according to client needs.
Our goal is to always be the most professional cardboard corner manufacturer through using the most advanced technology in cardboard manufacturing.  
We use the latest automated machines in the field of manufacturing, which are characterized by fast performance and speed of implementation in accordance with the latest international quality standards, as we believe in the advanced industry thinking that depends on continuous development and ease of performance


Company activity

• Established more than thirty years ago, Camel Corners is one of the leading producers of cardboard in The Arab Republic of Egypt in order to help exporters of vegetables and fruits in Egypt and the world.
• A team of highly qualified and skilled workers and staff ensures prompt service and consistent quality.
• Cardboard corners are manufactured from multiple layers of kraft paper and formed into a rigid right angle to make the best cardboard corner edge.
• Camel Corners ensures a high level of superior-high-quality products with standards & the professionalism of high caliber using the most modern-day machinery in the prospective business line.

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